The following articles have appeared in the PC Alamode Magazine published by the 
Alamo PC Organization

Title Date
Code Generation -- From xBase?? Oct 94
dBase 5.0 for Windows [Software Review] Part 1 Feb 95
dBase 5.0 for Windows [Software Review] Part 2 Mar 95
dBase 5.0 for Windows [Software Review] Part 3 Apr 95
Discovering Music [Software Review] May 96
Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for Windows95 [Software Review] Jul 97
Listings Deluxe [Software Review] Nov 97
Visual Basic 5.0 Professional [Software Review] Jan 98
Family Origins 7.0 Feb 99 
Power Translator Pro Jun 99 
Web Design Studio Secrets Oct 00

Note: When writing for a magazine, editing is frequently needed to meet space or other requirements. These articles have been reprinted here in their original, unedited form and may show some differences to what was actually printed in the magazine.

Alamo PC's Software review policy: Software (and occasionally hardware) manufacturers frequently donate their products to Alamo PC for review. These products can be checked out by members for review. When the review is written and submitted to the magazine, the reviewer is allowed to keep the software FREE. This service is available to Alamo PC members only.

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