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I am the leader to Alamo PC's HTML SIG. This class meets every Friday 7-9pm at our Resource Center in Central Park Mall. New classes begin every 3 months.

Because this is a hands-on class and space is limited, you must register in advance and space is allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. You may register by e-mail or by phone at the number listed in the PC Alamode.

To attend these classes, you must meet the following requirements:

The current session will begin on:  The next session will begin on: 
January 05, 2001 April 06, 2001

HTML SIG lesson notes.
Links to HTML Resources on the 'Net
Sites designed by my students
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NOTE: Alamo PC Classes and Special Interest Groups are free to members and their immediate family. For membership information, come by our Resource Center in Central Park Mall, visit the Alamo PC web site or contact Linda Bianchi.